The concept of Sampler came the way most solutions do–from experiencing the broken pieces of a process and trying to fix it. Sampler’s Founder and CEO, Marie Chevrier, began her career as a young brand ambassador handing out samples on street corners. While handing out free product, Marie realized the incredible waste and lack of targeting that traditional sampling methods produced. Every other piece of the marketing mix had been digitized, why hadn’t product sampling?

When Sampler began in 2013, the idea of digital product sampling was both new and abstract. To us, though, the concept was simple: to create a digital product sampling solution that helped boost the accuracy and efficiency of a brand’s product sampling efforts.

The Sampler team set out to build a product that allowed brands to send physical product samples to digitally targeted consumers. What started as a small Facebook integrated application, quickly evolved into a standalone technology with a network of 50 million unique consumers.


In five short years, Sampler has gone from a small startup to the leading digital product sampling solution for brands of any size. Because of our bespoke style of sampling, we’re proud to be able to work with the largest and smallest CPG brands across the globe.

At the end of the day, our team of product sampling experts dedicate their careers to doing one thing really well: helping you get the most out of your sampling efforts.

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