Four years ago, Marie had an idea that would change the product sampling space entirely. Prior to Sampler, brands had always relied on traditional product sampling strategies, like direct mail and in-store demos, to get their product into the hands of consumers.

Marie realized one key problem with these methods–brands knew nothing about their consumers the second they walked away with the product.

Sampler started with two hardworking employees and a handful of loyal brands. Marie’s apartment acted as Sampler’s first office, which quickly was outgrown.

Then we outgrew another office.

And another one.

Sampler has since grown into a family of passionate team members with over 200 clients. When we’re not hard at work, you can find us playing Startup Trivia, competing in Selfie Scavenger Hunts and hosting Sampler Campfires.

At the end of the day, our team of product sampling experts dedicate their careers to doing one thing really well:

helping you get the most out of your sampling efforts.

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