Wattpad & Sampler Team Up to Give Free Samples to Readers

On April 3rd, Starbucks Canada officially launched their first digital product sampling campaign powered by Sampler. In order to promote their VIA Instant Coffee Pike Place, Starbucks looked to the Sampler Exchange program to help them tap into a whole new audience. Working with the likes of Greatist, Prevention.com, and many others, Sampler has created a turnkey way for brands to find and distribute product to targeted audiences, with the ability to target consumers by age, gender, location, interests or retailer. With Starbucks looking to reach higher income beauty enthusiasts, Sampler’s partnership with lifestyle publisher The Kit was a perfect fit.  Over the course of the campaign, consumers who follow The Kit will be invited to join a sampling program by filling out a quick consumer profile powered by Sampler. That profile will then help them match with samples from awesome brands like Starbucks, Lancôme, Toleriane and many more. When a consumer matches with the targeting perimeters pre-set by the brand connected, they will see a list of samples can try. If they choose to trial Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee Pike Place, their free product sample will be delivered to their doorstep with other products from non-competing categories. The sample will be accompanied with a discount for their next purchase, and Sampler will follow up with a survey to help Starbucks gather insights on the consumer’s product satisfaction. To learn more about how Sampler is helping brands get more out of  their sampling efforts, click here.