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Garnier Success Story

+800% Facebook Reach
55,000 Unique Campaign Visitors
9,459 New Newsletter Registrants


For over a century, Garnier has produced quality beauty products. Present in over 65 countries worldwide, Garnier is a household name that continues to be a dominant force within the industry. With a deep and loyal following on social media, Garnier Canada wanted to let their dedicated fans have the chance to try their newest product line, Garnier Whole Blends. The brand’s main objective was to increase product awareness within their established fan base and to reach consumers in their homes, rather than in-store, to boost potential usage of the sample. In order to ensure these fans were the first ones reached, Garnier Canada made it their goal to find a targeted product sampling program that would allow them to specifically market to their most loyal Canadian fans.


Garnier Canada paired up with Sampler to build a unique and user-friendly online application that allowed consumers to try a sample of their new Whole Blends product line. Using Sampler’s end-to-end digital sampling platform, Garnier Canada had the ability to distribute product samples entirely to their Canadian fans via Facebook. With Sampler’s help, Garnier embedded an application directly into their brand Facebook page, enabling fans with a Canadian profile to claim or share one of 20,000 free samples with a friend. Once the campaign launched, fans simply clicked a link posted on Garnier Canada’s Facebook Fan Page, inputed their shipping information, and received a sample in the mail.

By marketing this campaign to their existing Facebook following and making it available only to Canadian profiles, Garnier was able to ensure their product got into the hands of their most faithful fans to try first. Allowing fans to claim or share a sample via social media gave Garnier Canada the ability to increase their reach while collecting deep reaching data and detailed insights on these consumers. With this information in hand, Garnier can continue the conversation with consumers past trial and develop highly effective re-marketing strategies.


20,000 sample offers were successfully sent to Canadian Facebook users.

– Throughout the event, Garnier Canada received over 55,000 Unique Campaign Visitors, increasing their Facebook reach by over 800%.

– Garnier acquired 9,459 new newsletter registrants, with 88% consumers successfully claiming a sample.

– The Whole Blends campaign generated over 4400 branded conversations, including Facebook posts with the Garnier branding on consumers’ Facebook pages.

Garnier Canada’s targeted sampling initiative proved to be a turnkey solution for the brand to distribute product samples to existing fans nationwide.