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Ritz Success Story

Ritz reaches their target 100% of the time with Sampler

100% Target accuracy
17% Conversion to purchase (within 90 days)
8x More cost effective*


RITZ Cracker is a clear leader in its category and so are the marketers behind the brand. When the team came to Sampler, their goal was to reach their target consumer with better precision. The team understood that traditional sampling strategies like handing out samples in grocery stores was not the best way to reach their key customer. During this time, RITZ had just recently introduced a new packaging format and it was key for the brand to ensure that their most valuable consumers noticed the new look.

The challenge was clear:

  • Find their target consumer focussing on consumers who knew the brand and shopped in the retail locations where the new packaging was introduced.
  • Drive them to store to notice the new packaging
  • Measure ROI: % of time we reached the right person


Sampler developed a 30-day online campaign for RITZ with the clear challenge of reaching the right person more effectively. The offer was distributed through social media and offered a free sample that could be claimed in-store. This campaign ran in parallel with a more traditional in-store campaign to compare effectiveness.




During the 30-day campaign, the brand team was able quantify their results by leveraging our analytics dashboard.
  • 50,000 product impressions with unique high-value consumers
  • 5,000 trials distributed
  • 100% targeting accuracy
  • 17% conversion to purchase (within 90 days)
  • 8X more cost effective than previous traditional sampling strategies*
*calculated on the objective of reaching a targeted consumer with each sample.