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Media Maven Jonathan Penn Joins the Sampler Team

NEW YORK and TORONTO, August 23rd, 2018 – Media veteran Jonathan Penn is joining Sampler, the leading digital product sampling network. Penn will be bringing 20 years of digital media expertise to the team as he joins as VP of Sales and Customer Success.

“When I first heard about Sampler, I was immediately captivated,” noted Jonathan. “The product solves such a clear problem and once I met the team, I just knew I needed to be part of it.”

Since 2013, Sampler has worked with hundreds of brands and operated campaigns in as many as 17 countries. The company’s customer list includes major brands like Kimberly-Clark, Unilever and Nestle. Traditionally brands have handed free product samples randomly on street corners or in grocery stores but more and more brands are seeking more targeted strategies. “The time is now.” Founder Marie Chevrier says, adding: “ As more and more retail decisions are made online, distributing product samples digitally should be part of every CPG brand’s media plan and the market is realizing it”.

Jonathan comes to Sampler from Tremor Video, where he was National Director of Sales. Prior to Tremor he held senior sales roles at Turn (an Amobee company), Involved Media,, and AT&T.

As Penn explains: “brands don’t ‘spray and pray’ their digital media; they use robust data behind their planning and execution to ensure each impression reaches a qualified potential new consumer. Why shouldn’t brands apply the same execution towards their product sampling initiatives? Using Sampler, you can now cost-effectively target the right audience and deliver them a trial of your product that increases conversion and creates loyal customers. It’s a no brainer.”

Jonathan’s deep knowledge of media and the network he brings with him will open new doors for Sampler. :”Sampler’s foundation has been built on the team’s deep understanding of the retail and consumer packaged goods industries.  But what we’re building is so much more than product sampling.” Marie Chevrier, Founder and CEO of Sampler says. “Brands leverage us to get more out of their media spend on major online publishers like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Bringing more media expertise to the team is going to help us move faster on this major opportunity.”

Jonathan will be joining Sampler’s New York office and will be expanding Sampler’s presence in the US market aggressively starting as early as next week.


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