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Get your products directly into the homes of active Kroger eCommerce households with this digital product sampling pilot program powered by Sampler & 84.51°

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Driving New HH Penetration & Conversion

Results from Kroger eCommerce Sampling Pilot Phase I (Nov 2021 – Mar 2022)

Participating brands reached net new shoppers at Kroger

The majority of shoppers who sampled had not purchased any items from brands they selected over the past year

Sampling drove direct, attributable sales lift

25% of shoppers who sampled a product purchased one or more of top brand’s products within 8 weeks of sampling

Increased shopper spend vs. previous period

Top performing brand saw 53% increased spend from shoppers who sampled in the 8 weeks post-sample vs. 8 weeks prior

Targeted and personalized trial

This premium sampling experience is only available to active Kroger.com shoppers. Each shopper builds their own unique sampling experience (maximizing new household penetration), and samples are delivered separately from the grocery order, removing distraction and allowing shoppers to fully engage with your brand in the comfort of their homes.

New household penetration

Shoppers self-select a limited number of samples to try, encouraging trial of new products & brands. The pilot program identified that 74% of shoppers had not purchased any product from participating brands in the previous 52 weeks before trying a sample.

Ratings & reviews to Kroger.com

Gather an influx of authentic, credible product reviews directly to your Kroger.com product pages. Brands can tap into robust insights and analytics to better understand how products are received by Kroger shoppers across various segments.

Direct, attributable
sales lift

Top-performing pilot brands saw 25% of shoppers who tried a sample purchased 1 or more products from the brand in the 8 weeks after sampling.

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Get your products directly into the homes of active Kroger eCommerce households

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