Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing dollars

With Sampler, you can supercharge your marketing efforts through targeted and data-driven digital product sampling programs.

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Harness the power of digital sampling to maximize your marketing dollars

Boost the effectiveness of your paid media campaigns

Standing out in today’s crowded marketplace is hard - consumers are bombarded by up to 10,000 ads per day!

Adding a sampling call-to-action to your digital media can result in
5.5x higher ad recall and drive a major uptick in ad engagement - while ensuring you get your product into the hands of consumers that represent the greatest potential.

Reach new consumers at a predictable cost

Sampler’s Audience is home to highly engaged consumers who have shared over 600 million first-party data points, which inform and allow us to build 700+ unique targeting segments.

By leveraging Sampler’s Audience, brands are able to remove the variable costs of media and reach targeted audiences through Sampler at a fraction of the cost of other channels.

Collect compelling insights that prove the effectiveness of your marketing spend

With Sampler Insights, your sampling programs are more targeted, measurable, and effective than ever before.

From big-picture reports to granular metrics, you can finally present the results that matter most to your team.

+Compare performance across sku's
+Measure your targeting strength
+Gain access to purchase data
+Collect and track 1P data
& More

o.b. Tampons Uses Digital Sampling to Amplify Influencer Marketing

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Sampler features to boost your new product innovation's success

Advanced targeting capabilities powered by first-party data to reach only your ideal consumers.

Boost online presence and build social proof  through gathering ratings and reviews and UGC

Create unique and engaging at-home trial experiences

CRM capture to enable personalized journeys

Drive sales online and in-store through coupons and special offers, delivered post-sample-trial.

Access to an average 160 self-declared data points per consumer to enable personalized remarketing

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