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Sampler’s Audience is home to highly engaged consumers who have shared over 600 million first-party data points, allowing brands to put their products into the hands of their highest potential consumers.

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Access your ideal consumers via 700+ unique targeting segments

From the stores they shop at, all the way down to their dietary preferences and skin type, we help you reach your ideal audience and create content that speaks to who your consumers are as people.

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4M+ Sampler Accounts created worldwide

They love telling us about themselves

Sampler has collected


First Party data points

An average of


data points per audience member

They’re highly engaged


Email open rates are up to 3X higher than the industry average


Click rates are up to 20X higher than the industry average

They love to share their feedback and show off their samples...


reviews generated every hour

& Create beautiful UGC!

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Why our audience 

L     VES Sampler

BeBOLD used digital sampling to build 1P data insights

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