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Introduce your products to the highest-potential consumers, drive demand, and measure sales impact, while collecting valuable purchase data.

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Impact sales with smarter marketing

When implemented strategically, digital product sampling is one of the most effective tactics to driving conversion to purchase.

Introduce your products to consumers with the highest propensity to purchase

Samples are the third-largest driver of full-size product purchases - and when paired with the power of Sampler's advanced targeting capabilities, you can ensure your samples make it into the hands of the consumers most likely to love and purchase your products.

Reach the highest potential consumers, wherever they are on the buying journey:

+Leverage your existing audience across digital media, CRM, brand website and more

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+Tap into Sampler's engaged Community of 4M+ consumers and leverage 700 targeting segments and 600M+ 1P data points to find your ideal audience

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Nurture consumers from consideration to conversion


of consumers will try a new product after receiving a free sample

With Sampler, you can combine the power of product trial with educational touchpoints to nurture consumers from consideration to conversion. Each program can include a series of amplifiers meant to communicate your brand and product story, foster product education and provide a seamless path to purchase by including  coupons or special offers.

Measure the true impact of sampling on sales

+Gain access to invaluable purchase data through your Sampler program

Intent to Purchase | % Recommend to a Friend | Coupon Redemptions

+Leverage Sampler's digitally-targeted sampling program on to measure the impact of sampling on retail sales


Average lift in sales through Sampler's program

84.51 and Sampler have partnered to offer Kroger's first digitally-powered sampling program that enables pickup & delivery shoppers to engage with products through a premium, direct-to-home sampling experience. This program uses closed-loop measurement to accurately measure incremental sales lift and tie it directly back to the sampling program.

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How a leading condiment brand drove a 3X lift in sales on

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Sampler features that help brands boost sales

Advanced targeting capabilities powered by first-party data to reach only your ideal consumers.

Boost online presence and build social proof  through gathering ratings and reviews and UGC

Create unique and engaging at-home trial experiences

Educate consumers on your product through post-trial communication.

Drive sales online and in-store through coupons and special offers, delivered post-sample-trial.

Accurately measure the impact of sampling on retail sales through closed-loop measurement.

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