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Build smarter sampling programs that reach the right people and drive ROI, fast.

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Sampler is the trusted digital product sampling platform for some of the world's leading brands.


“Sampler has quickly become an integral part of our tool box at Hershey’s. The ability to quickly deploy our sampling initiatives, target our desired audience and gain insights about our product makes sampler an effective and efficient way for us to spend our marketing dollars.”


Senior Marketing Manager at Reese


CPG leaders use Sampler to reach the right people and drive more sales, fast.

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Meet Sampler

See how brands launch winning sampling programs using our all-in-one platform.

How it works

Target your highest-value consumer

Leverage our advanced audience targeting to reach your ideal consumer and drive brand awareness. With a potential reach of 50M+ and over 700 segments to choose from, you can target and reach consumers by region, demographics, lifestyle, personal interests, dietary preferences and much more.

Have a product that’s trickier to ship? You can still launch powerful programs by opting for a high value digital offer like a discount coupon instead.

Deliver samples to their doorstep

After creating a sampler account, consumers answer a set of profile questions so we can match them with samples that best fit their lifestyle. Once a consumer matches with your sample, we process, package and deliver it directly to their doorstep in a safe and contactless way. They’ll get a chance to experience products they love, including yours, right in the comfort of their own home.

Guide your consumers all the way to purchase

Drive email opt-ins, collect ratings and reviews, and unlock consumer insights to build effective remarketing campaigns and guide consumers through every step of the shopping journey. Our platform lets you easily syndicate your ratings and reviews to your eCommerce site and help you build trust and credibility at the point of purchase.

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Maximize your product sampling

Build smarter sampling programs that reach the right people and drive more sales, fast.

Get your product into the right hands with our advanced targeting capabilities.

Quickly populate ratings and reviews on new and existing products to boost credibility and conversion.

Drive email opt-ins and continue the conversation with high-value consumers.

Build effective post-sampling remarketing campaigns and guide consumers all the way to purchase.

Launch sampling programs that boost in-store and online purchases post-trial.

Collect genuine consumer feedback and user-generated content from your brand's biggest fans.

Sampler is loved by

“Sampler has impacted Path of Life's bottom line with a concrete and trackable ROI for product trial to report to our leadership team. In this current stage of growth for our brand, the insights provided by Sampler gives us accurate and trackable knowledge on offer redemption. The consumer feedback collected in our Sampler program provided a great wealth of knowledge. It gave us insights into the consumer perspective on how to ensure our product innovations and the products currently on shelf are aligned with consumer expectations.”


Brand Manager at Path of Life

“Working with the Sampler team was amazing. They were responsive from the very beginning helping us understand how the process worked and what to expect. From the time they published our offer, we had an opt-in rate of almost 75% so we had great customer engagement which is super important for a new brand like ours.”


Co-Founder and CMO at Truman’s

"We’ve been working with Sampler for over a year and a half now and we’ve been acquiring very segmented emails, new CRM opt-ins, reviews, and of course, down the line, new purchases in brick and mortar and on eCommerce. We’ve been working with the Sampler team in Canada very efficiently to help us fulfill our samples within the US and Canadian markets and we’ve been syndicating reviews with our website which has been beneficial for everybody worldwide."


Senior eCommerce Manager at L'Oréal

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