Grow your retail presence

We help brands accelerate their retail partnerships. Launching products, boosting discoverability, and collecting shopper-data to help fuel distribution expansion.

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Uncover consumer insights & feedback to boost your retail partnerships and widen distribution

Accelerate existing partnerships

+Retailer-focused sampling initiatives can demonstrate support of your partnership and effectively engage consumers who frequently shop at specific retailers

Optimize your digital shelf presence and increase discoverability by driving review volume and recency on retailer websites

Collect valuable feedback from consumers to optimize the in-store experience

Gain access to invaluable post-trial purchase data, including intent to purchase, incremental sales lift, and coupon redemptions to showcase the impact your shelf presence has on retail sales

Develop a robust understanding of your retail partners' shoppers to fuel personalized marketing that will resonate with their audience

Grow your distribution

+Use precision targeting and real-time program and claimant analytics to discover which retail shoppers are most likely to buy your products

Target consumers who regularly shop at key retailers

Gain access to real-time tracking and insights on your program - uncover shopper insights such as ratings and repurchase rate, to discover which retail shoppers are most likely to buy your products

Utilize retailer-specific shopper data to create a data-driven retailer sales deck to support your distribution expansion

Support product launches at retail

+Demonstrate to retailers that you're supporting your product launch both online and offline

Increase your innovation's digital shelf presence and discoverability by increasing review volume and recency on the retailer product page

Influencer e-retail purchases by delivering a call-to-action post-trial

Drive sales at retail during the crucial post-launch timeframe through coupons targeted to specific retailer shoppers

How a leading condiment brand drove a 3X lift in sales on

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Sampler features to boost your new product innovation's success

Boost online presence at retailers through gathering ratings and reviews. Syndicate all reviews to major retailers.

Advanced targeting capabilities powered by first-party data to reach shoppers that frequent specific retailers.

CRM capture to enable personalized shopper journeys that drive support to your retail partners.

Create buzz and gather UGC ahead of new retail launches

Drive initial sales at retail through high value physical coupons for full size products.

Machine learning to mine consumer feedback efficiently for future shopper marketing efforts.

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