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We help brands pin-point the people most likely to love their product and gather feedback to arm them with pivotal information to set up their launch for ultimate success.

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New products are launched every year, and a whopping 70% of those launches fail.

Giving consumers the opportunity to touch and try a product is among the most effective ways of accelerating awareness and communicating brand value.

Targeted digital sampling programs allow you to cut through the crowded marketplace and deliver interactive at-home product experiences to consumers that represent the greatest potential.

Create social proof


of customers won’t take any buying actions until they’ve read reviews

Digital product sampling campaigns are a guaranteed way to generate product reviews - Sampler collects 1,800 reviews every hour!

An influx of new reviews will help build buzz pre-launch, increase search engine ranking, instill confidence in first-time buyers, and demonstrate the product's success at retail.

Gather data and insights to inform product development and fuel personalized marketing


First party data points

Sampler is powered by 600M+ first party data points that can help you understand your target consumer better and build a personalized relationship with them.

With Sampler Insights you can uncover:

+New, high-potential audience segments+Distribution opportunities+Themes in consumer sentiment to inform product development+First-party data to support future marketing opportunities

How Frusirnag leveraged Sampler for a successful new product launch

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Sampler features to boost your new product innovation's success

Boost online presence at retailers through gathering ratings and reviews. Syndicate all reviews to major retailers.

Advanced targeting capabilities powered by first-party data to reach only your ideal consumers.

Seamlessly integrate at-home trial experiences with other marketing initiatives like paid ads.

Educate consumers on your new product innovation through post-trial communication.

Drive initial sales at retail through high value physical coupons for full size products.

Machine learning to mine consumer feedback efficiently for future innovation.

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