3 Frightfully fun marketing tactics to try this Halloween season

October 10, 2019
Cynthia Nakad


3 Frightfully fun marketing tactics to try this Halloween season

October is here, which means it’s time for us marketers to engage our audience with halloween-themed campaigns and spooky content. Today, we’re giving you three ideas to promote your brand during the Halloween season and sharing our favourite (and thrilling) Halloween campaigns.

Dress the part

Dressing up is a must during the Halloween season, so why not give your product a spooky makeover with some fun limited-edition packaging? This is a great way to engage (and terrify) your customers in a fun and unexpected way.

Our Favourite: M&M’s went all out by packaging their classic chocolate in black with their “Cookies and Screeem” candy. This halloween-themed treat featured a speckled dark chocolate exterior and a white chocolate filling that became an instant candy bowl must-have.

Theme up your content

Keep your audience in suspense with ghostly touches to your content. From fun DIY videos, scary memes, and in-office costume contests, Halloween is a great time to get creative with your posts. If you want to make your content go a longer way, consider a User Generated Contest and encourage your customers to become your content creators. Invite them to share their DIY creations, costume pics, or halloween decorations on social media using an exclusive hashtag for some added brand awareness.

Our favourite: Cheetos launched a clever halloween contest where customers were invited to make monsters out of Cheetos from their limited edition “Bag of Bones” snack. Participants entered for a chance to win $50 thousand dollars. As a result, customers enjoyed some friendly competition while sharing their creations on social media creating a memorable campaign with a fun Halloween thrill

Create a haunting experience

In the era of experiential marketing, in-store experiences are everything. While tech-savvy customers prefer doing their research online, their desire for real life experiences is on the rise. Spook things up this season with an interactive store experience that will make sure your customers leave with not only your product - but some chilling memories.

Our favourite: Topshop raised the bar in immersive experiences when it partnered with Netflix to create a Stranger Things in-store experience during the Halloween season at its London flagship store. The brand transformed the space into iconic settings from the show and featured binge-watching parties along with limited edition Stranger Things merchandise.

So there you have it, three fun tactics to spice up your marketing efforts this Halloween season. These examples are proof that getting festive can not only help engage your customers in fresh new ways but can also boost revenue and awareness. So get in the Halloween spirit and make the most haunting night of the year your most profitable one yet.


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