3 Ways Brands Are Digitizing Product Sampling

February 13, 2018


Brands are beginning to bring their sampling efforts online, and they're doing it in unique and innovative ways. Check out a few of the creative ways brands are leveraging product sampling in the digital space:

CRM Acquisition

A leading coffee brand was focused on reaching niche new audiences via social media advertising. In order to boost the efficiency of their efforts, the brand was looking for a way to convert their media spend into CRM acquisitions.

Using Sampler, the leading coffee brand distributed sachets of their product to consumers between the ages of 18-34. Sampler’s digital sampling solution offered the brand a seamless integration into their Snapchat media buy.

Key Results

  • 7% of swipe-ups converted to claiming a sample
  • 48% of Samplers converted to brand’s CRM
  • 19% converted to a rating & review
  • 74% showcased intent to purchase
  • 18% converted to a purchase since

With these key insights in mind, this leading coffee brand can now understand how media spend can be optimized using digital sampling incentives.

Predictable Cost per Trial

Several publishers have launched digital sampling programs by leveraging the Sampler Exchange in the last year, and the Greatist Goods program is a brand favourite. Greatist is a go-to health & wellness website that sees 13 million  unique views a month. By leveraging Greatist Goods, brands can target and distribute free samples to consumers of any profile.

Looking for a trendy hipster or an organic nut? How about a dog-lover?

The program will collect consumer profiles and match a brand’s product with its target audience. The best part is, it’s all done at a predictable cost per sample that includes getting the sample shipped directly to the consumer’s home.

Shopper Marketing

Mondelez was looking to create buzz and demand for the launch of Teddy Soft Bakes within Target stores last March. Using Sampler, Teddy Soft Bakes had the ability to target and distribute free product to high-quality consumers in order to generate awareness of their listing at Target.

Key Results

  • 100% of  samples were delivered to Target shoppers within 3 weeks
  • 60% converted to the Mondelez CRM
  • 32% converted to a rating & review
  • 77%  showcased intent to purchase

With Sampler, Teddy Soft Bakes was able to surprise and delight their target audience while driving them to local Target retailers.

If your goal is to make a lasting impression, consider adding product sampling to your media mix.


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