How to Bring Your Marketing Strategy into the Twenty-First Century

November 10, 2015
Kelly Stewart


How to Bring Your Marketing Strategy into the Twenty-First Century

The digital age has changed everything we thought we knew about marketing. From tablets to smartphones, society is more connected and interactive than ever before. By pushing your marketing towards a more digital approach, you can strengthen your brand's connection with consumers.

Looking to update the way you do business? Check out these 4 tips on how to bring your marketing strategy into the twenty-first century:

Go Mobile

A major aspect of successful digital marketing is ensuring that every aspect of your online content is mobile-friendly. Consumers are no longer sticking to a single device for all of their daily browsing needs. Consumers are more connected than ever and throughout the whole day. According to The Economist, Nearly 80% of smartphone owners check messages, news or other services within 15 minutes of getting up. From email newsletters to your brand's website, it's imperative that the full impact of your strategy can be translated just as well on a smaller screen.

Multi-Channel Approach

Social media has become a crucial factor for brands today. Whether it's Pinterest or Facebook, it's important to have a brand presence on more than one of these platforms in order to reach a larger audience. With so much distraction around, consumers need more touch points than ever before so they're driven to purchase. Email marketing is an oldie but a goodie; building a list of subscribers that are interested in brand news is a great way to maintain a relationship with consumers while keeping your product fresh in their minds. Once you've established which platforms best suit your brand's strategy, it is important to engage your consumer. By creating content that appeals to your direct target market, you're increasing the odds of developing brand loyalty with fans.

Simplify the Process

With the digital era upon us, accessing information has become a much faster and easier task. Consumers are looking for a destination that allows them to learn about your product and make a purchase decision from the comfort of their own home. Make it easy for consumers to learn more about your product, to purchase it online or even to receive a sample.

Dig Deeper

As our culture continues to move towards a digital world, there's so much valuable data right at your fingertips. From social media content to purchasing patterns, digging into these analytics and understanding their effect on your business is essential. Is your Facebook engagement increasing steadily or has it plateaued? How many website visits are you getting daily, and which page are they viewing most? These metrics are available if you do your research, and can help show which aspects of your digital presence are helping or hindering your overarching brand strategy.

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