Curious how other marketers are working with Sampler?

August 6, 2019


If you’re curious how other marketers are approaching their product sampling strategies, check out this video. These are great examples of how other companies are achieving success with our targeted product sampling programs!

We've had wonderful, wonderful feedback about the program. Getting all the samples out there was so important to sample especially with the CBD industry. So, we definitely recommend the program to anybody out there. - Brittany Garvin, CV Sciences
Sampler, one of the startups L’Oréal has invested in at Founders Factory, digitizes the process of distributing product samples to consumers at scale, giving the company valuable insights into clients and their preferences. - Jennifer L. Schenker, L’Oréal
Working with someone like Sampler has been super helpful for us to drive some scaled awareness, get people to try the products because we know once they taste, they really like it. - Lauren Brown, OJAS STUDIO
It was great working with Sampler. Not only did we get our new product out and tested—we got amazing feedback from all the Samplers. - Stephanie Christman, method products
We've been working with the team of Sampler here in Canada very efficiently to help us fulfill all of our samples within the U.S. and Canadian market. And we're syndicating reviews with our worldwide website, which is beneficial for everybody worldwide. - Laurent Dubois, Biotherm
We've really enjoyed getting the feedback from Sampler program. It’s been fantastic, it's really worth doing and worth investing the time and effort to do. Nick French, Colorado Hemp Honey


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