How to make product sampling a success for emerging brands

January 9, 2020
Semin Ozmorali


Are you considering a digital product sampling program? Check out these helpful tips and industry statistics that are perfect for innovative up-and-coming brands of all shapes and sizes.

Reach brand new consumers

Did you know that 2 out of 3 consumers stated they prefer product sample over ads? Use a product sampling program to create awareness outside of your current digital channels.

Drive conversion to purchase

Use product sampling to create intent to purchase fast. Sampling shortcuts buying decisions.

Reach the right audience

Run a targeted e-sampling program. This allows customers to experience your product at their own pace, making it a lot more real and relatable.

2 out of 3 consumers stated product samples over ads

Work with a sampling provider

It will remove the fulfilment burden and manage the process for you. That way, you can focus on the more strategic elements of your sampling program.

Boost fulfillment efficiencies

Lower your distribution costs by sharing sampling packages with other brands through your sampling provider. This is a very cost-effective method, especially for smaller or emerging brands.

consumers will purchase if they received a sample

Don't sample with competitors

Make sure your sampling partner does not include your competitors' products in the same package. Work with a reliable partner that you can trust and that can handle everything efficiently for you.

Promote your sampling program on social media

Support the sampling program on your social channels. Make sure you share appealing images and exciting messages about your sampling program. Aligning your product sampling program with micro influencers also helps substantially.

consumers prefer receiving multiple samples in single sample box

Incentivize social sharing

Drive engagement and draw attention to your program by re-sharing user-generated photos of your samples and thanking publicly. Delighting and surprising users who share your samples on social media can be a great way to influence sales.

Leverage a smart sampling solution

Use a smart sampling platform that allows you to ask consumers questions around their buying habits, demographics and psychographics. By doing so, not only can you better understand what your customers are looking for, but you can also ensure your products are ending up in the right hands.

companies should understand consumer needs

Align digital product sampling with your other marketing efforts

Ensure you're using a sampling solution that allows you to gain customer data and incorporate that into your existing marketing programs (e.g. email marketing, event marketing, VIP customers, exclusive promotions).

Document product sampling learnings for future programs

Track key metrics from your sampling program and watch for key learnings that you can apply to your next sampling initiative.

shoppers make buying decisions based in social media

And there you have it—our go-to tips and statistics for any emerging brand looking to launch a successful product sampling program.


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