How to send out virtual swag bags using Sampler

June 24, 2020
Cynthia Nakad


Whether you’re a beauty, food or high-tech trade show, Covid-19 has pushed all of us to think outside the box about how to deliver the same quality experience of an in-person event in the digital realm.

While picking the right platform for video broadcasting and discussion will be your first priority, what will make you stand out is the ability to deliver on an omni-channel experience. One unique element that will bring your event to life and add that tangibility that’s missing in the digital space—a virtual swag bag.

Swag bags are always such an exciting part of events, your attendees love receiving freebies and your exhibitors love getting creative on ways to stand out. At a physical event, though, swag bags can be cumbersome—especially for those traveling from out of town. While it’s hard to see too many positives right now amidst a global lockdown, a digital event can give you the opportunity to create a swag bag experience that is delivered directly to your attendees’ homes. By meeting attendees where they feel safest and most comfortable, you have their undivided attention and are allowing for a much more intimate and memorable experience.

So where do you start? We’ve outlined how you can leverage the Sampler platform to create a virtual swag bag in a few easy steps below:

Work with a sampling expert to create the perfect experience

Our sampling experts will get your program set up on the platform and enable you to invite your sponsors and exhibitors to upload promotional materials. From brochures to gifts and samples, they’ll make sure your sponsor’s promotional materials are entered directly to our system.

We receive your sponsor's products

Once we accept their order, we’ll coordinate with your exhibitors to send their items to our central warehouse. We’ll bundle everything into a beautifully-branded event box that delivers a fun and engaging unboxing experience.

Invite your guests

Now, for the fun part! Once your event box is packaged and ready to go, you can send an invite to all attendees and encourage them to claim a “digital swag box” via Sampler. They’ll provide us with their shipping information and we’ll handle the delivery directly to their doorstep.

Keep the conversation going

Curious to know what attendees thought of your event? You can activate features like satisfaction surveys, follow-up discount codes, or branded emails that put a bow on the whole experience.


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