How a leading dry grocery brand used sampling to achieve multiple marketing goals

Learn how a leading dry grocery brand leveraged Sampler to drive sales, support product launches, and create memorable consumer experiences through strategic sampling initiatives.

Program overview

Since 2019, a leading dry grocery brand has cultivated a long-lasting partnership with Sampler, sampling six distinct products spanning nine separate campaigns all with unique objectives. By harnessing a range of Sampler’s capabilities, the brand was able to strategically align its sampling initiatives with evolving brand objectives, such as supporting product launches and creating captivating surprise-and-delight experiences for consumers.

The following timeline illustrates the evolution of this partnership.

Evolving sampling campaigns to align with growing brand objectives

Throughout the course of a year, the brand crafted three programs for Core Product 2. Starting with a 25,000 unit campaign targeting Kroger shoppers via Sampler’s integration with’s checkout process, the brand then progressively scaled up their campaign. 

Subsequent expansions included an additional 15,000 units for Kroger shoppers through the same program, and a sizable 75,000 unit program that was run through Sampler's shared box offering. The result was not only heightened product awareness and a wealth of ratings and reviews, but also great organic UGC produced by Sampler's engaged community of avid cooks.


total samples distributed of Core Product 2


high conversion to purchase rate vs. control group of Kroger shoppers who didn’t sample


of claimants were new to the product

More program highlights

Supporting new product launches

To support their launch of Core Product 3 and Core Product 4, the brand leveraged a range of Sampler's capabilities as part of their go-to-market strategy. For Core Product 4 in particular, it was important to the brand that they position the product as premium. By distributing their samples in personalized boxes, their product was afforded 100% share of voice, creating an elevated experience for claimants. Sampler’s targeting capabilities allowed the brand to reach consumers who shopped at preferred retailers such as Publix, ensuring that no product went to waste. 

Sampler's follow up email extensions also allowed the brand to effectively communicate product differentiators to consumers and drive them further down the funnel.

Insights at a glance:

  • 72% of claimants opted to receive further communications from the brand
  • An impressive 71% gave the product a five-star rating
  • Sampler's precise targeting ensured that all offers reached consumers who prioritize premium quality in their grocery purchases

Creating memorable experiences for consumers

The brand ran a unique surprise-and-delight campaign for Seasonal Product 1 during a key holiday. Complete with a custom premium box, Sampler and the brand ensured the limited-time offering was memorable for consumers every step of the way. Beyond boosting brand awareness, the initiative yielded valuable insights from consumers regarding whether this product worked well in recipes, what types of product innovations they’d like to see in the future, and what their consumers’ cooking and eating habits are. 

Participants also enthusiastically shared their culinary creations, leaving the brand with a library full of high-quality UGC to leverage in the future.

Insights at a glance:

  • The campaign garnered an impressive 78% opt-in rate
  • Targeting Kroger and Walmart shoppers, the campaign engaged over 2,400 new consumers

Key takeaways

From expanding product awareness and generating authentic UGC to effectively supporting new product launches and creating memorable surprise-and-delight experiences, the partnership between the dry grocery brand and Sampler stands as a testament to the power of strategic sampling initiatives in driving brand objectives forward. By leveraging Sampler's diverse capabilities and precise targeting capabilities, the brand was not only able to achieve its immediate objectives but also laid a solid foundation for continued success and innovation.

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