Behind the brand: BrainJuice

Hi, I'm Richard Robinson and I am the Director of Marketing at BrainJuice. BrainJuice is a brain supplement that helps focus, mental clarity, good mood and motivation. So, we're giving you all the key nutrients for your brain to create acetylcholine and dopamine so that's amino acids, superfoods and highly absorbable B vitamins. We have our line which is our BrainJuice two and a half ounce shots—that's our primary line which where we're distributing nationally . We also extended to a powdered form of that where you can put it into you different use cases. You can put it into a smoothie, you can put into a tea or just regular water and you basically use that for whenever you need a mental pick me up. Our third part of BraineJuice, our third line extension is going to be our BrainJuice Active line. It’s built on the power of BrainJuice supplement but we've also given you some additives in there that's all-natural, that helps with vasodilation—so things like rhodiola, beetroot, red spinach. We also got some ginger and turmeric in there for heart health recovery. BrainJuice is special because we were not only one of the first to market with a focus of two and a half ounce shot that's highly absorbable—it actually works. It's one of the products that resonates with a lot of people. We've had some amazing testimonials from people who have tried our product and had very much success with it, swears by it and let us know that it actually helps you focus and be more productive in their everyday lives. So, that’s what makes it special. We have people who have a strong affinity for our brand and I think we also have a really cool name! So we're on Facebook:, we're on Instagram: @BrainJuice, Twitter: @OnBrainJuice, and we have our website which is We're in about 8500 stores nationwide so you can find us in CVS, you can find us in Sprouts, Whole Foods, some regional brands like Fresh Thyme, H-E-B. We're all over!


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