Behind the brand: Good Catch Foods

Their mission: to preserve the ocean’s natural resources while introducing awesomely delicious “seafood” choices that benefit you and the world. Nothing fishy about it.

Hi, my name is Chloe Cassecuelle and I’m the Marketing Manager of Good Catch Foods. Good Catch Foods is a plant based seafood company. We have currently three shelf-stable tuna products, all plant-based made of 6 different legumes and algae oil — high in protein and a good source of omega-3. We just launched nationwide in the US in February. We're available in Whole Foods nationwide as well as Fairway, Wegmans and other retailers. We have a store locator on our website where you can find the store nearest to you. We're launching our frozen line next year around spring 2020. We have crab cakes, fish cakes, and fish burgers — all plant based and made of 6 legumes as well. We're really excited about that! So what makes our product special — first of all, it's a culinary product, it's delicious — created by chefs so that was the most important thing for us, was to create something that people loved. It's also environmentally friendly. Our mission is to preserve the ocean and its natural resources. Our products have you a good amount of protein and omega 3s minus the PCBs, the mercury, the dioxins, the micro plastic that you find in real fish. So you can find us on Instagram, on Twitter, on Facebook as well — @goodcatchfoods, and then our website is


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