How to reach high-value consumers without breaking the bank

Learn from Sampler’s CEO & Founder, Marie Chevrier, about how you can gather the data and insights you need to build profitable one-to-one relationships with your highest-value consumers.

Marie Chevier

For food and beverage brands, few tactics are more valuable in boosting brand awareness and long term brand advocacy than the art of sampling. The COVID-19 pandemic condensed years of eCommerce growth into a few months and sampling strategies, just like everything else, have transformed.

In this webinar we go over:

- How to make at-home sampling accessible, affordable and measurable for emerging brands.

- How to keep your sampling strategy agile and flexible as we move into 2022 as consumers are still adopting new habits (75% of consumers said they prefer shopping and trying products at home).

- How to adopt digital product trial methods that meet consumers exactly where they are and diminish in-store sampling challenges like staffing, complex installations, and monitoring the user experience

- How to target new audiences, gain consumer feedback and scale your sampling efforts at a cost on par with un-targeted traditional sampling

Speak to a sampling expert to learn how your brand can build a sampling strategy that is not only built for long-term brand success, but also doesn't break the bank.


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