Media and Tech Powerhouse Alexandra Panousis Joins Sampler As Board Director

Sampler is thrilled to finally announce that Alexandra Panousis has joined its board of directors. With over 20 years of leadership experience in the media and tech industry, Panousis has worked with hundreds of brands and clients over the course of her career to truly deliver on the promises of digital transformation. 

When asked about what drove her to Sampler, Alexandra Panousis said “As digital maturity evolves the martech industry, brands will find that traditional options are not as effective.  There is so much waste in traditional product sampling.  The digital offering provided by Sampler solves this problem and helps to codify a solution that delivers value, data and results to advertisers. Sampler offers a gold standard solution, reimagining what is possible in the category over the past 9 years. I am thrilled to be joining the board and helping support their incredible leadership team as they continue to grow and create long term value.”

Sampler’s platform adds a layer of targeting and measurement to product experiences. Helping brand marketers collect high-value first-party data that enables more personalized consumer journeys and data-driven decisions.Sampler launched in 2013, with a vision to digitize the product sampling space for brands. Now, Sampler has since expanded its offering to enable media networks, agencies and retailers to seamlessly turn on digital product sampling as a new capability to offer their own consumer packaged goods advertisers. To date, over 950 brands have used the platform to launch sampling programs across the globe and retailers like Kroger are leveraging Sampler’s technology to power their own version.

As Sampler’s Canada’s CEO and Founder Marie Chevrier said “Sampler’s vision is to centralize the measurement and management of product experiences onto one platform. We want to make it easy for brands to find consumers wherever they are looking to discover new products and to make it easy for them to measure the impact of that first, second or third product interaction. It is our fundamental belief that the best way to build a brand is to enable consumers to try your product. Sampler understands that this has historically been hard to execute and measure at scale. We’re looking to change that.”

Alexandra’s business transformation experience is well-suited for Sampler as its innovative product experience technology is focused on scaling its use cases with its major clients like Unilever and L’Oreal globally. As Panousis explains, Sampler enables brands to leverage product sampling to collect high-value data; “Digital helps to elevate the sampling experience by putting data at the core of the interaction” , says Panousis. “The one to one data  is the equivalent of marketing gold.  It is one of the true benefits of using Sampler’s sampling platform – and helps move the narrative from ‘we think’ to ‘we know’.”

Sampler has also had several new industry experts join as advisors this year including Drew Cashmore the Global Head of Marketing at Firework.


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