Men’s Journal and In Touch Weekly partner with Sampler to launch custom sampling programs

A new year means a host of new challenges for marketers. With 2021 may come the reopening of brick and mortar and a revival of events, but consumers’ ‘at-home’ lifestyle might last well into the new year. In a consumer survey conducted by Sampler in late 2020, 96% of respondents indicated that they plan to maintain their new shopping habits in the long run. These rapidly changing consumer behaviours pose a unique opportunity for brands and advertisers alike to reimagine how they connect with their audience in a contactless and meaningful way.

Men's journal and In Touch Weekly partnership Sampler box

That’s why Sampler is partnering with a360 Media to launch custom sampling programs for both Men’s Journal and In Touch Weekly. The partnership will enable CPG and retail brands to create and deepen relationships with the publications’ highly engaged readers through boxes designed to delight their audience.

Through the Men’s Journal Gear Box, the publication’s readers can try out new products before they buy, without setting foot in a store, giving them more time to focus on staying active. Similarly, In Touch Top Picks will deliver a curated box of products directly to the homes of some of the trendiest consumers in the USA who are always looking for the latest scoop.

These high value sampling programs will enable Men’s Journal and In Touch Weekly to better understand their audience with advanced audience insights, while building a deeper connection through a free and memorable in-home experience. These insights include consumer shopping behaviours, dietary preferences and hobbies and are collected via a questionnaire that helps consumers match with free and personalized samples that match their lifestyle.

Each box is powered by the Sampler Exchange, a network of leading publishers and online communities where advertisers find and get products into the hands of their target audience through shared boxes.

To learn more about participating in the Men’s Journal and In Touch Weekly sampling programs or to get more information on Sampler’s solution for media companies, book a discovery call here.


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