Sampler and New Hope Network Team Up to Help Emerging Brands Reach Retailers Amid COVID-19

Sampler and New Hope Network have teamed up to connect emerging brands and retail buyers with their new Retail Discovery Box program.

In the program, retail buyers will have the chance to try product samples from a choice of over 130 participating brands. New Hope’s extensive network of buyers and category managers from leading retailers will have the option to request program samples from their buying category using Sampler’s digital product sampling technology. Sampler will ship these product samples right to the doorstep of the retail buyer.

With this program, brands who have missed out on in-person meetings, trade shows, and demos are able to get the retail buyer exposure that is so crucial to their business.

Adam Bent, Co-Founder and CEO of ScoutCanning, a participating brand, has had difficulty connecting with retailers amid COVID-19. “For the most part, buyers are preoccupied with their existing product mix and supply chain challenges and don't have the bandwidth to consider new products. The retail discovery box program has provided an incredible solution for us, providing us with an opportunity to connect with those same buyers in a scalable and efficient program. We are grateful for the opportunity, it's the equivalent of a month’s worth of sales outreach and follow up.”

Brand participants expect the solution will have lasting staying power long after the pandemic. “The Retail Discovery Box program has a place in our post-COVID market, it’s a cost-effective and impactful opportunity to introduce our brand and products to a group of buyers that complements our sales strategy and trade show participation,” added Bent.

Brands aren’t the only ones benefiting from the program—retail buyers are finding this to be an innovative solution to COVID-19 business pain point. "Dean's customers love new products, we usually get so much organic engagement on our social media channels when we shout out a new product.  The Retail Discovery Box makes it so easy for our category buyers to try new emerging brands right in our home stores and definitely keeps our head in the game with new innovation. Something beautiful about this industry is we are learning every day, which includes learning new customer needs and new industry trends. This new program helps us keep Dean's shelves exciting!" said Dean Nelson, founder and owner of New Jersey-based Dean's Natural Food Market.

Due to popular demand, Sampler and New Hope Network look to make the program available to brands and retailers on an ongoing basis. To learn more about participating in a future Retail Discovery Box program, brands can request more information here.

About Sampler
Sampler is the leading direct to consumer product sampling platform helping brands like L'Oréal and Nestlé deliver samples directly to consumers' homes. Sampler has worked with over 300 brands reaching over 50 million consumers globally in 24 different countries and its most notable clients include CPG industry giants Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Pepsi, Henkel, and Kimberly Clark.

About New Hope Network

New Hope Network is at the forefront of the healthy lifestyle products industry. With solutions for the complete supply chain from manufacturers, retailers/distributors, service providers and ingredient suppliers, the network offers a robust portfolio of content, events, data, research and consultative services. Through its mission of growing healthy markets to bring more health to more people, New Hope Network helps businesses identify the people, products, partnerships and trends that create better opportunities and connections. For more information visit


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