Sampler and CeraVe's Cleanser Week program nominated for Glossy Award

June 10, 2019


Sampler and CeraVe's Cleanser Week program nominated for Glossy Award

We’re so excited to be attending the 2019 Glossy Awards as a finalist for Best Digital Experience and honoured to be nominated alongside such incredible companies. With e.l.f Cosmetics, DVF & Salesforce, Stitch Fix & Style Shuffle, and Play Retail with OPI set to attend the prestigious event, Sampler’s Cleanser Week program with CeraVe will be competing against 4 finalists for the top spot.

CeraVe recently partnered with Sampler’s digital sampling solution to distribute samples of their Hydrating Facial Cleansers during CeraVe’s Annual Skincare Cleanser Week to drive awareness and educate users on the importance of cleansers in protecting the skin’s barrier.

A CeraVe and Sampler box with CeraVe products to the right and a labtop in front.

Because CeraVe had a deep understanding of their target audience, they knew it was crucial that only the consumers with a certain skin type, skin concern, and had a regular habit of using cleansers would be the consumers who would most likely convert to the product and brand. With this in mind, CeraVe leveraged Sampler’s technology to create a fully-branded application that could be implemented on CeraVe’s website with a diagnostic tool that would help gather insights about their consumers, target them, and offer them a customized sample to be shipped directly to home.

User exerperience for CeraVe and Sampler product sampling on iPhone screens.

This program was advertised through CeraVe’s social channels and also directly on their website. Furthermore, CeraVe was also able to gather ratings & reviews and other product feedback, follow up with a coupon, and collect new CRMs within their target demographic to continue the conversation post-trial.

A desktop computer with CeraVe website open beside an iPhone with a CeraVe ad that includes a product sampling offer.

The partnerships highlighted at the Glossy Awards feature innovative work that is transforming the fashion and beauty industries forward and we’re thrilled to have partnered with CeraVe to create a successful digital sampling experience for their audience. See you at the Glossy Awards!

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