How a leading condiment brand drove a 3X lift in sales on

Learn how a leading Condiment brand partnered with Sampler to drive purchase conversion among net new Kroger shoppers.

Program overview

The Goal: A leading condiment brand tapped into Sampler and 84.51’s retail sampling program on with the goal of increasing sales for their Spicy Mayo among net new consumers. 

The Experience: After completing their online grocery order, Kroger shoppers had the opportunity to self-select the Spicy Mayo sample, which was delivered directly to their homes in a Kroger branded sample box. The box included a recipe card for Spicy Chicken sandwiches, which drove further education around how consumers could introduce the Spicy Mayo to their cooking routines. Post-trial, consumers were asked to share their thoughts and feedback on the product experience.

The Results: The brand drove awareness of the product - almost 100% of the 39k+ consumers who received the samples were new to the brand. Thanks to the closed-loop measurement on, the brand was also able to tie back a 3x lift in sales to the sampling program when compared to a equivalent control group of shoppers who did not sample. This type of measurement is a first of its kind and allows for a reliability in post-trial conversion reporting that is unique to the program.


Kroger Shoppers who sampled converted to purchase at a 2.94x greater rate vs. an equivalent control group of Kroger shoppers who did not sample


Of shoppers who sampled were net new to the brand (had not purchased in past 12 months)


Total reviews collected with a 4.1 avg star rating

More program highlights

Quantifying the Impact on Retail Sales

Sampler’s first-of-it’s-kind program allows brands to quantify the success of their campaigns via closed-loop measurement. For this program in particular, a pool of 21K+ Kroger households who sampled the Spicy Mayo were matched with identical control households who also made a Kroger e-commerce transaction during the program timeframe, but did not sample. Sampled households converted to purchase at a 3x higher rate vs. the control group, resulting in a 16% increased conversion to brand purchase. 

Among those that sampled? Almost 100% were net new to the product, with almost 75% having never tried the brand before!

74%  Of shoppers who sampled were new to the brand (had not purchased in past 12M)

Optimizing the Digital Shelf | Increasing Advocacy

In addition to driving new household penetration and a lift in sales, the brand was able to optimize their Kroger Digital Shelf by driving credible, recent, and impactful product reviews. Prior to the program, the product had 0 reviews on, after working with Sampler - that number skyrocketed to 5,207! 

Collecting Consumer Sentiment and Identifying Recurring Themes

Through consumer feedback collected by Sampler post-trial, the brand was able to identify robust consumer insights - ranging from demographics, consumer sentiment, purchase intent and themes among product feedback. This is invaluable information that will help them to inform future marketing and product development

Insights at a glance: 

  • Positive sentiment overall, praise on the taste and flavor
  • Cooking habits, go-to usage for the product 
  • How the flavor and spice level were perceived
  • Versatility of the product 
  • Where the item fit in consumers cooking habits and routine
  • Perceived value 
  • Family Data 

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