How a Leading Confectionary Brand tapped into a new, engaged audience and uncovered insights to fuel future communication

To drive product awareness among new audiences this leading confection brand partnered with Sampler on a fully-branded digital sampling experience

Program Overview

A leading Canadian confectionery supplier, renowned for its beloved candy brands, was on a mission to drive awareness among new audiences and gather ratings & reviews. To do so, the brand partnered with Sampler to unite two of their brands and bring consumers a fully-branded sample box experience. 

Together, we built a powerful digital sampling program that connected the brand with an untapped audience of Female Snack Lovers within Sampler’s community of 4M+ consumers. Those who matched the consumer profile were invited to redeem samples of both the Milk Chocolate Bar and Milk Chocolate Caramels. 

Through a survey delivered post product trial, participants were assessed on their prior awareness of the products and their intent to purchase (via a coupon), and were invited to share their feedback via ratings & reviews.


opt-in for remarketing


likely to purchase


reviews, 92% rating the products 4+ stars

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Increased awareness and intent to purchase among a highly engaged audience

A significant accomplishment was the introduction of the products to previously untapped audiences. Leveraging Sampler’s engaged community, which boasts over 4 million consumers, the brand successfully pinpointed and introduced their products to a new audience: female snack enthusiasts over the age of 25. Notably, 31% of participants were previously unacquainted with the Milk Chocolate Bar, while an impressive 71% had not encountered the Milk Chocolate Caramels before.

The program marked the beginning of a powerful and lasting relationship with consumers, 73% opted in for remarketing, and over 80% intended to redeem the product coupons (84% intend to redeem the coupon for the Milk Chocolate Bar and 91% intend to redeem the Milk Chocolate Caramels coupon!) 

Highly-rated product reviews that revealed themes for remarketing 

Participants exhibited enthusiasm for their experience with the chocolates - with 7,000+ consumers leaving a review, 92% of which were a glowing 4+ stars. Many consumers even shared that they had already gone on to purchase the chocolates and planned to buy them again as a gift for their loved ones.

 I love love love this chocolate bar. It was nice and creamy. Just the right size, nice and firm and didn’t melt in my hand even after holding it for some time. It really satisfied my cravings. I have already bought this again.

The reviews also revealed themes in why consumers loved the Milk Chocolate Bar and Milk Chocolate Caramels, citing their rich and delicious flavor and that they were the perfect size for sharing and portion control, insights that will help the brand craft future marketing messaging that resonates with consumers.

Using 1P Data to reconnect with consumers 

Beyond the insights collected through ratings & reviews and the post-trial survey, by tapping into Sampler’s Community - the brand had access to an average 160 self-declared data points per each participating consumer. 

This yielded invaluable insights regarding consumer behavior and preferences.The brand gleaned valuable information about their audience's shopping patterns, most notably where they shop more than once a month, household demographics, including whether or not they have children, and their primary purchase motivations.

These insights armed the brand with a better understanding of their audience and will help them to redefine their engagement strategies and better connect with consumers in the future  - offering insight into new ways to communicate with them, capture their attention, and foster brand loyalty

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