How a leading Pet Food brand leveraged sampling to drive sales on

Learn how a leading pet food brand partnered with Sampler to drive product discovery, new household penetration and purchase conversion with shoppers.

Program overview

A leading pet food brand was looking to drive product discovery, new household penetration and purchase conversion with shoppers.

Kroger pickup & delivery shoppers engaged with the brand through a premium, personalized, direct-to-home sampling experience. In return, the brand experienced a significant lift in incremental sales and collected consumer feedback via ratings and reviews syndicated to 


Kroger Shoppers who sampled converted to purchase at a 4.3X greater rate vs. an equivalent control group of Kroger shoppers who did not sample


Of shoppers who sampled were net new to the products (had not purchased in prior 52W)


Total reviews with a 4.4 avg star rating

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Targeted Sampling Drives Household Penetration and Incremental Sales Lift

In today's shopping environment, where more than half of retail sales are influenced by digital, the top challenge for CPG brands is to enhance their discoverability. This leading Pet Food Brand successfully overcame this challenge by integrating sampling into their digital shopper marketing mix. 

Through the Kroger program, over 35,000 shoppers opted in to receive the Pet Food samples. The self-selecting nature of the program proved advantageous as it allowed the brand to distribute samples only to consumers who had an interest in the brand. 

The sampling program successfully reached a substantial portion of hard-to-reach digital shoppers. Results revealed that a vast majority of the shoppers were new consumers, as in the past year, 96.1% had not purchased the product and more than half (52%) had not purchased from the brand at all. 

The program's influence on sales was remarkable - consumers who sampled the Pet Food products converted to purchase at a rate of 4.34 times more than the non-sampled control group.

Overall, the program's success in achieving new household penetration and a significant lift in incremental sales showcases the effectiveness of integrating product samples into digital shopper marketing strategies. Such initiatives provide digitally-native online grocery shoppers with the opportunity to experience a new product in the comfort of their own homes, leading to a higher likelihood of purchase.

Increasing Brand Loyalty + Advocacy

In addition to driving awareness and sales conversion, the program helped the brand collect 8,894 product reviews on, with an average star rating of 4.10. This influx of reviews supported the brands relationship with the retailer and suggests that the sampled products were well received by consumers.

8,894 product reviews, with an average 4.4 star rating

Collecting data to build personalized remarketing

Through the program, the Brand was able to collect additional first-party consumer data; information that will allow the brand to create personalized future marketing and highlight opportunities for cross-selling. 

  • What type of food they typically serve their pets
  • Other pets in the household
  • Demographic Information, Including location and age

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