BeBOLD used digital sampling to build 1P data insights

BeBOLD partnered with Sampler to increase brand awareness and gain consumer insights. BeBOLD distributed samples of their Energy Bar to targeted consumers within Sampler's highly engaged audience, collecting robust consumer persona data through Sampler extended profiles and a post-sample survey.

Program Overview

BeBOLD Energy Bar is the second brainchild of Stacy’s Pita Chip's founder Stacy Madison. BeBOLD Foods is a new brand in a highly competitive category. Therefore, they partnered with Sampler to increase brand awareness and generate valuable insights from consumers interested in trying their brand.

Sampler's extended profile data enabled BeBOLD to get a thorough understanding of their consumer persona. This encompassed the consumer's demographics, psychographics, and behaviors.

Sampler’s post-trial survey allowed BeBOLD to validate multiple hypotheses. This included topics such as brand recognition, pricing, and where consumers would expect to find their tasty snack bars.  


average number of data points per consumer


are likely to purchase the product


would recommend it to a friend

“Working with the Sampler Team was very easy. Be true to yourself and tell them what you want and what you need. If it can be done, they will make it happen.”

Maryn Robinson


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Continuing the conversation

Generic messaging no longer resonates with consumers – personalization is not only what consumers desire, it’s what they demand.

Sampler’s mission is to help our clients build meaningful, data-driven product experiences that create personalized relationships between people and brands. Whether through your CRM or our audience amplifiers, we understand the importance of continuing the conversation after first trial.

Through this campaign, BeBOLD was able to enrich their CRM with new consumers who opted in to try the product and have future communication with the brand.

BeBOLD had access to 700 segments through the Sampler audience. On average, they understood 43 data points for each participant before surveys were given. Custom survey questions enabled the brand to identify as many as 7 additional first-party data assets per consumer.

Tailoring the experience to meet your needs

The ability to create a customized experience to meet your broader objectives is one of the many benefits of working with Sampler.

Sampler wants to help you achieve your goals beyond getting product into consumers’ hands. We offer opportunities for targeting, research, or leveraging our highly engaged audience.

BeBOLD took advantage of all three of these opportunities:

  1. They targeted known high-value consumers
  2. They conducted a post-sample survey. This survey was aimed at obtaining insights beyond "intent to purchase" or "willingness to recommend to a friend" data.
  3. Sampler audience members were matched with the program's targeting parameters. They were then asked to opt-in to receiving a BeBOLD Energy Bar and future communications from the brand. They could decline either one without fear of negative impact on future sampling opportunities.


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