How Frusirnag leveraged Sampler for a successful new product launch

Program Overview

Launching a new product is one of the most exciting times for a CPG brand. When Taiwan-based Frusirnag launched its health and wellness brand amid a pandemic - a time where in-store product sampling was not an option, they knew they had to get creative and find new ways to reach their ideal consumer. So they set out to seek sampling solutions that would connect them with health-conscious, clean-beauty lovers and get their products into the hands of those most likely to love it. After putting Sampler to the test themselves and loving the entire process, Frusirnag’s team decided it was the memorable sampling experience they wanted to offer their target audience.

The brand partnered with Sampler and built an engaging digital sampling program to distribute thousands of samples and drive trial and awareness of their Amino Complex & Immunity Blend supplement. Through the program, Sampler users were invited to complete a diagnostic questionnaire that matched them with products best suitable for their needs and lifestyle - ensuring that every sample was delivered to Frusirnag’s ideal shopper. Samples were delivered directly to their doorstep where they’d have an opportunity to experience the product at home and put it to the test. 


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"Before committing to a program, I signed up to receive samples at home from Sampler and was blown away by the entire experience as a user which was the ultimate selling point for us. The samples were delivered quickly, the packaging was appealing, and all of the products were in great shape. Finding a sampling partner who is reliable, who connects you with your exact target audience and does so in a quick and reliable manner is not easy - and that's exactly what we found in Sampler."

Terence Cher

General Manager

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Email opt-ins for consumer education

Driving trial and brand awareness alone is not enough in the supplement category. Building trust and educating consumers on the benefits of a product is a major key to success so the ability to gather email opt-ins through the Sampler program was a defining benefit to the Frusirnag team. The program had an impressive 67% opt-in rate garnering thousands of new email addresses. Today, they leverage these to stay in touch with consumers and help them better understand the product, its unique ingredients, and ultimately develop a more educated buyer to increase purchase confidence.

“Our product is made from premium and one-of-a-kind ingredients that we really wanted to educate our consumers on. The only way to do that, would be to continue the conversation with them after they got a chance to try it. While offering a free sample helped us introduce and showcase our supplement to claimants, we saw immense value and potential in the ability to quickly collect email opt-ins and reviews through our Sampler program”

Post-sampling coupons, promotions, and direct links to online points of purchase are other ways these email opt-ins help brands like Frusirnag nurture consumers along their shopping journey. 

Early product feedback 

Perhaps one of the most important components of a successful product launch is gathering and actioning early consumer feedback. What did consumers think of the product? Is there anything they would change about it? Did it deliver on its promise? All of these insights serve as a powerful guide for brands like Frusirnag to fine tune products that best meet consumers’ needs and expectations. During the program, consumers were asked to describe their experience with the product, how likely they were to purchase it now that they’ve tried it, and even their preferred channel of purchasing supplements. 

They cited things like the taste and convenience of the supplement as their favorite attributes and shared their thoughts on adding the product to their everyday routine. Insights that today not only help Frusirnag’s development team on product improvement but also guide their marketing team when tailoring messaging, advertising strategies, and content for an optimized shopping journey. 

A turnkey sampling solution

More than just targeting, reaching, and sampling to a targeted audience, Frusirnag was looking for a sampling partner that could deliver the products in a reliable yet memorable way to consumers.

“When I signed up to receive samples at home, I was impressed at the speed of the process and the state in which products are delivered to consumers at home. The unboxing experience was really pleasant and we wanted to recreate that for our consumers” said General Manager Terence Cher.

The program was launched within weeks of partnering with Sampler and the samples were a hit amongst users with 100% of them claimed within a few days. In addition to an engaging product discovery experience, the insights collected throughout the program such as which retailers consumers shop at most often, which supplements they tend to purchase, and the health concerns they might have are powerful data points that help Frusirnag and other emerging CPG brands better position their products in the market. 


Launching a new product is one of the most important moments for any CPG brand so reaching and engaging with your ideal consumer early can make a defining difference. Digital sampling programs can not only help pin-point the people most likely to love and buy your product, but it can arm you with pivotal information to set up your launch for ultimate success. Join Frusirnag and 950+ brands and build your winning program with Sampler today.


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