How Sampler Fueled a 40x Sales Lift for this Pretzel Brand

To drive product discovery and sales of their new pretzel snacks, this leading snack brand partnered with Sampler on a digital sampling experience

Program Overview

With Kroger serving as a key retail partner, this leading snack brand was looking to drive product discovery for its new pretzel snacks amongst verified shoppers. 

Looking to amplify their Kroger shopper marketing plan with a unique omnichannel touchpoint, the brand’s sampling experience was integrated into checkout for shoppers that met the brands targeting parameters. After self-selecting to receive the pretzel snacks sample, Kroger shoppers engaged with the brand through a personalized in-home sampling experience. 25,000 unique Kroger households opted in to try the product!


of samplers were new to the brand


lift in sales


wasted samples - all participants self-selected to receive the sample

More program highlights

Driving sales lift through digital sampling

Sampling at Kroger had a direct impact on this brand’s retail sales. In fact, post-sampling, Kroger Shoppers who sampled the pretzel snacks converted to purchase at a whopping rate of 40X more than a non-sampled control group. That’s quite the impact! Here are some reasons why digitally targeted sampling lead to these massive results:

  • Sampler only offers the sample to verified Kroger shoppers that are within the brand’s target audience, and the shoppers must opt-in to receive the sample. This means that samples are not wasted; they only go to those who are interested in the product.
  • Post-sampling communication ensures that the brand stays top of mind. With traditional sampling methods, there’s no way of following up with consumers post-trial. 
  • In-home sampling is a memorable, ‘stop you in your tracks’ experience that shoppers love.

Reaching a new audience

A staggering 98.9% of samplers in this campaign had never tried the product before, making them an ideal audience for the brand, who aimed to introduce its new product to a wider audience.

In-home sampling means that with a 2.96 average household size, one sample goes a long way! That means that with a program size of 25,000 samples, that’s a potential reach of 74,000 people.

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