How Zero dB collected valuable consumer feedback with their Sampler program

This innovative brand was looking to drive trial of their mental tonic amongst targeted consumers and collect genuine product feedback through a digital sampling program

Program overview

Founded in 2019 by Gary LeBlanc, Zero dB is a next-generation functional drink designed to quiet mental noise and create space for clarity and inspiration. The mental tonic is derived from plants and made of organic and non-GMO ingredients aimed at filtering out everyday stressors and quiet mental noise.

The brand was looking to get their game-changing product into the hands of their targeted consumers to drive trial and awareness and gather valuable product feedback. With Sampler, Zero db launched an engaging digital product sampling program through which they were able to specifically target their ideal consumer, deliver a sample directly to their doorstep, and gather pivotal insights like what they thought of the product and how likely they were to purchase it.

We sat down with Gary LeBlanc to discuss how the Sampler platform allowed Zero dB to transform its sampling efforts into a targeted, measurable, and efficient tactic to reach and connect with high-value consumers. Watch the full video above.


claimants opted in to the brand's email list


of consumers have already repurchased


of consumers said they would be likely to recommend to others

“Your product may be the best in the world, but there are 1000 brands doing the same thing today. Investors will say to you like why doesn’t P&G, and Kraft Foods carry your product if it’s so good? Digital sampling is a way to have the data to back up your product and say hey! people want this, there is a market for this, consumers are hungry for something new. And we’ll use our Sampler data at all our pitches moving forward.”

Gary LeBlanc

CEO & Co-Founder of ZerodB

More program highlights

Product sampling in a contactless way

Having launched their brand during the pandemic, it was particularly challenging for the Zero dB team to drive product trial with in-store and event sampling coming to a complete halt. Sampler became an effective solution to promote testing of the beverage amongst a unique audience in a safe and contactless way while also creating a channel for the brand to learn about how consumers were feeling about the product. The product was a hit amongst claimants with 60% rating the product 4+ stars and many citing that they loved the taste, appreciated the clean ingredients, and felt a considerable calming effect after drinking it.

Boosting email opt-ins

One of the top use cases for digital sampling, particularly for new and emerging brands like Zero dB is the ability to quickly and effectively drive email opt-ins which can be used for remarketing purposes and continue the conversation with consumers long after they've tried the sample. Through their Sampler program, Zero dB successfully grew their email list with 63% of consumers opting in to receive future communications from their brand which they are now leveraging to send out tailored content to their new subscribers.

Collecting key insights to support retailer distribution

The insights and feedback collecting during the sampling program not only helped Zero dB prove why their product was so special to consumers, but it also helped prove the demand of the product to potential retailers and support their case for shelf space. The brand learned which grocery stores were preferred by claimants who were likely to purchase the product, arming the team with key retailer-specific insights to grow distribution.


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