o.b. Tampons Uses Digital Sampling to Amplify Influencer Marketing

With a millennial target audience in mind, the brand used Sampler’s technology to boost the effectiveness of influencer efforts and gather product feedback.

Program Overview

Known for their environmentally-friendly line of non-applicator tampons, this personal care brand was preparing for an influencer campaign and looking for a compelling call-to-action that encouraged their loyal consumers to try and rate their products. 

Driven by a “Less Waste” motto, o.b. was looking to reach millennial consumers that were new to o.b.’s non-applicator product. Using Sampler, the brand paired their social media ads and influencer marketing content with an enticing free sample offer where consumers were invited to claim, try, and review their very own free sample of the product. 

The brand was able to boost the engagement of their influencer videos with a unique URL that seamlessly allowed the audience to match and claim, opt-in to o.b. 's own mailing list, rate the product, and provide their feedback. The program also made it easy for the brand to monitor the performance of their influencer marketing campaigns and identify those with the highest engagement.

Key insights:

  • 45% participated in a follow-up survey
  • 82% likely or very likely to recommend to a friend
  • 146K views of influencer's video

Amplifying influencer marketing

The best performing influencer Alana Davidson drove 146,000 views on her video and single-handedly helped the brand move over 10,000 samples during the first days her post was published. The program was a great way to introduce the product to brand new consumers with 64% of claimants never having heard of it before. Consumers connected with sampler, answered a set of questions ranging from demographics to lifestyle habits, matched with their personalized sample, and after providing their shipping information, email and phone number, had their Sampler box delivered to their doorstep.


net-new consumers


of claimants stated they purchased post trial


of claimants opted in to brand's email list

Once you’ve partnered with a creator who’s in-tune with your audience’s needs and who they turn to when making purchasing decisions, digital sampling lets you take it to another level by actually converting this virtual interaction into a real life one. Getting a consumer to stop and pay attention to an influencer is valuable, but getting their senses engaged and gifting them with a free sample delivered to their home, adds a whole new dimension of engagement and connection.

Cynthia Nakad

Marketing Manager

More program highlights

Collecting email opt-ins

One of the great benefits of launching a digital sampling program vs a traditional in-store activation, is the ability to quickly and effectively collect first-party data and grow your email list for future remarketing efforts. In this program, 55% of o.b. 's claimants registered to the brand’s newsletter, giving them the ability to personalize their outreach and nurture their brand new audience all the way to purchase.

Valuable ratings and reviews

Once the sampling program was completed consumers had the chance to try the product, claimants were sent a follow up survey where they were invited to rate the product and share their feedback. The product was a hit amongst claimants with 82% stating that they were likely or very likely to recommend to a friend. Like with any Sampler program, these ratings and reviews are available for brands to syndicate onto their ecommerce channels to further build social proof and boost sales. Because consumers who follow influencers are 1.5x more likely to review a product post trial, o.b. received a large number of high-value ratings and reviews that they were able to leverage across all of their channels.

Influencer marketing plays a massive role in a brand’s marketing mix. These creators have often spent years building a loyal audience and a trusting relationship with their fans. This program showcases how they can help give brands an instant boost in credibility and help translate what was once an ad into a compelling brand story. Now, with digital sampling - this can be taken to a whole new level of consumer delight by offering consumers the chance to engage with a product at home, for free. This can mark the beginning of a powerful and lasting relationship with your ultimate ambassadors - your consumers.


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