Sambucol Success Story

Using Sampler’s advanced audience targeting, the health brand distribute samples of seasonal products to primary shoppers during the cold & flu season.

Program Overview

Sambucol was looking to distribute trials of their Natural Cold & Flu liquid capsules to primary shoppers during the cold & flu season.

Must haves for the brand: 

  • Timeliness: Getting products in the hands of consumers before, or during the peak of, the cold & flu season
  • Targeting: Reach primary shoppers with tendency to buy natural products


Sambucol distributed their offers through the Sampler, targeting primary shoppers within Sampler’s Audience Network. Consumers were invited to join a sampling program by filling out a quick consumer profile powered by Sampler. When a consumer matched with the targeting perimeters pre-set by Sambucol, they were matched with a sample to trial. Their product was delivered to their doorstep with other products from non-competing categories, and accompanied by a discount for their next purchase.

Based on the product’s customer lifetime value, the campaign is projected to result in more than a 4X return on investment.


of claimants opted-in to email list


of claimants stated they would purchase post trial


of claimants provided feedback

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