What you can expect from your Sampler program

October 28, 2021
Charlotte Crawford

Maximize your product sampling spend with Sampler.

The long-term reality of living with a pandemic has forced consumers to adopt new ways of discovering products. After nearly two years of major shifts within the CPG sector, brands have been left to find new and innovative ways to reach consumers outside of in-store sampling, drastically increasing the adoption of digital sampling.

With this new shift, brands have a unique opportunity to send physical products samples to the homes of digitally targeted consumers, bringing the in-store sampling experience right to their doorstep. Most importantly, it’s allowing brands to go far beyond a free product trial and build lasting, data-driven, and profitable relationships with consumers.

Here’s everything you can expect in the process, based on Sampler averages: 

Reach your highest-value targeted audience 

With digital sampling, you can choose from over 700+ audience segments that include everything from a consumer’s region, to how often they exercise and what type of hobbies they have. The targeting possibilities are quite significant. 

A user surrounded by audience segments like demographics, shopping habits, and dietary preferences.

Example: if you initially start your program targeting consumers with different skin concerns, we might pinpoint consumers who are experiencing fine lines as they are more likely to repurchase your product. You’ll work closely with a Sampler expert to identify these key sub-segments and get recommendations on how to continue targeting those consumers and ultimately bring them closer to the next purchase.

Capture and action first-party data 

Brands who are not investing in strategies that actively capture first-party data are being left behind, as traditional retargeting will soon be impossible. The average Sampler user shares 26 data points, making digital sampling a great solution for this. The data you collect during your Sampler program is 100% first party declarative (self-reported). So you’re able to build a direct path to get to know your consumers beyond just transactional data and better keep up with their changing needs and behaviour.

Headshot of Mathieu Gamache with a green background.

“The ability to quickly deploy our sampling initiatives target precisely the desired audience and to gain insights about our product experience through a questionnaire makes sampler an effective and efficient way for us to spend our marketing dollars especially for our new product launches."

- Mathieu Gamache, Senior Marketing Manager, Reese.

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30% of claimants will voluntarily share their feedback

One of the best ways to gather valuable (and genuine) consumer feedback is by simply getting your product into the hands of consumers. During your Sampler program, you’ll be able to launch post-sampling surveys and ask your consumers for feedback like: 

  • What did they think of the product, would they recommend it?
  • How does it compare to other brands they’ve tried?
  • Is there anything in particular they would change about it

You can leverage all of this useful data to improve product development, customer experience, and your marketing efforts.

Headshot of Ashley Collins with a green background.

"The consumer feedback collected in our Sampler program provided a great wealth of knowledge. It gave us insights into the consumer perspective on how to ensure our product innovations and the products currently on shelf are aligned with consumer expectations.”

- Ashley Collins, Brand Manager, Path of Life.

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81% of Samplers will give a 4+ star rating -- Brands have 2.7X higher conversion for products with reviews

One of the primary use cases for digital sampling is the ability to collect genuine ratings and reviews. In a time where 95% of consumers read online product reviews before making a purchase, this is an essential activity in fuelling the growth of any brand. 

An illustration with a user giving a great review of a skincare product, it also includes Sampler's sentiment analysis tool which has ratings, sentiment meter, survey response rate and review summary.

With Sampler, you can quickly populate ratings and reviews on new and existing products and directly syndicate them to your website and boost credibility and conversion at the point of purchase. 

Sampler’s digital sampling dashboard includes a first of its kind consumer sentiment analysis tool, that utilizes machine learning to sift through all your consumer reviews to identify key themes, keywords and sentiment about your products.

67% of those who try your sample state they will likely buy it post-trial

By delivering a sample tailored to your consumer’s unique needs and preferences directly to their doorstep, you’re not only capturing  their undivided attention but also giving them an idea of how well your product works. The consumer gets to experience the value of the product first hand. 

With Sampler, you’ll minimize the potential risk associated with any purchase decision and inspire a sense of reciprocity with your highest value consumer as they feel your product is uniquely theirs. 

50% of consumers subscribe to brand newsletters

Offering a high-value incentive like a product sample drives increased conversion to your CRM and email list allowing you to continue the conversation with your consumer long after they’ve tried your product.

An illustration with a phone with a discount code email on it next to a user checking their email.

You’ll be able to use all of the data collected during your program (like consumer preferences and feedback) to personalize the communication and improve the overall consumer experience.

Headshot of Rosemary Whaling.

"We got an amazing number of emails out of the (digital product sampling) program. We had a really high opt-in rate which meant that consumers were liking our product and then we could then communicate with them. We also got their consumer reviews and that's not something you always get from a sampling program. They were all available to us and they are super valuable. You can't put a number on that."

- Rosemary Whaling, VP of Marketing at Love Good Fats, Canada's Top Growing Business 2021.

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Up to 100% of consumers can be reached on social for post-sampling re-marketing campaign on Facebook/Instagram

With Sampler, you’ll be able to re-market to all your sample claimants via Facebook and Instagram pixels, allowing you to stay top-of-mind in consumer’s key consideration moments post sample.

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